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Todd Nivens

HELLO, Welcome to my website. Christ has called me to plant a church in the Farmersville/Princeton area by sharing the love of Jesus and faithfully teaching the inherent word of God.  My prayer is that people will come to know Christ as Savior and become lifelong followers of Jesus.  My Chief aim is that the work will bring Glory to God in all things. 

Church planter/Pastor

Why Gospel Seeds?

"The high school students used to ask me why I was doing what  I was doing.  Why did you move to Princeton? Why are you feeding us every week?  I just told them I was  planting seeds and explained what that meant from scripture. They laughed and it became a big joke or a catch phrase with them. When we were doing something in our ministry they would laugh and ask, " Hey Todd are you "planting seeds? planting seeds?" or ask "how much did this seed cost?" We would smile and laugh with them. Some of them now understand.

So when I was trying to think of a name for the fundraising component of my ministry "Gospel Seeds" seemed to be the obvious choice.  I hope that you will help me to spread the gospel to them and many others in this growing area.  While many  churches are in decline, questioning the validity of scripture, people are deconstructing their faith and walking away,  the fields are white unto  harvest!  People are hurting and broken.  Be part of what God is doing by supporting the work with your gift.


Help us with a gift. 

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